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Halo Reach is out of my Reach!

So I played a ton of Dragon Age over the weekend. I get home last night and figured I would finish the quest I was on so I could start the DLC to get the Stone Golem. I finished some college work and my wife was starting dinner, I thought “Hey I will hop on the Xbox and finish this up”. I grab the remote, and my controller and settle in on the recliner. I hit the power button on the remote and BAM!!! Red Rings of Death. Ok so you think I would be surprised? I wasn’t, this has been happening on and off for a few months. Get Red Rings, fiddle with Xbox Red Rings gone.
Ok so I play around with the power supply a bit trying to get the brick to turn green, but it stays a steady orange. Just Freakin’ Great I think to myself.
Ugh! Time to call Microsoft and see how much a new brick will run me.
After about 5 minutes on hold I get someone and rattle off my serial number, address, I get the phone number right on the 3rd try, and my email address.
Me: “Hi, I need a new power supply according to the website.
Them: “How do you know you need a power supply”
Me: ” I did the troubleshooting on your website”
Them: “Oh you already did the troubleshoot?”
Me: “Yeah”
Them: “Ok can I put you on hold to bring up your account”

Mind you I am calm throughout this entire phone call. Yeah I surprised my self too.
Ten minutes later:
Them: “Thanks for holding so long, I have your account up”
Me: “Ok”
Them: “Your Xbox is out of warranty so the power supply will be $35.00”
Me: “Oh ok, Can I buy one from an actual store then?” Simple question, no malice in my voice.
Them: “Can I put you on hold again?”
Me: “Um Sure?!”
5 minutes later.
Them: “Thanks for holding so long, I have good news. Since it is the Red Microsoft has extended the warranty to 3 years so the power supply will be free.”
Me: “That’s great, Thank you” Ok so this is good news, call should be over fairly quick.
Them: “Write down this request number: blah blah blah”
Me: “Ok got it”
Them: “Um something is wrong, it is not allowing me to submit the request. Can I put on on hold for a minute?”
Me: “Sure”
Ok now I am starting to wonder what the problem is. Everything on my end is straight. So I wait, and wait, and wait. Oh and dinner is ready now and everyone is looking at me like when are you going to be off the phone. And I am like, it should only be another minute.
35 minutes later….
Them: “Thanks for holding so long” Where have I heard that before, hmmm about a half hour ago.
Me staying calm: “No problem”
Them: “I am having system problems and need to transfer you”
Me thinking hmm system problems at Microsoft….classic LOL!: “Ok”
Them: “one moment”
Twenty minutes later an new voice.
Them: “Hello, you need a new power supply?”
Me: “Yes”
Them: “No problem, write this request number down”. Same number I had written before.
Me: “Ok got it”
Them: “Ok now let me process your request”
Me: “Ok thanks”
Them: “So what is your favorite game to play on Xbox?”
Me: “What!? Um I like to play them all.”
Them: “Oh you mostly play First Person Shooters?”
Me: “Um? Yeah I do”. Ok this dude is creeping me out. But then I realize, he probably sees my whole gamer profile and I feel silly.
Them: “Ok it went through so if you like you can send back the old power supply so blah blah blah.” Yeah you want it back I know. I am hungry lets get this over with already.
Me: “Ok I will send it back.” Stomach is growling now.
Them: “Ok Can I put you on hold?”
Me, my anger increasing: “Yeah”
Ten minutes later they come back and say Thanks and if I don’t have any questions it will be 5 to 10 business days till the power supply arrives. I finally get to hang up.
Then it hits me!!
Halo Reach is out in 6 days!!!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Not this again. It might get here the day Halo Reach releases. I have my fingers crossed. Please cross your fingers for me.


I got this email from Microsoft today concerning the new XBox Live pricing strategy. Not sure I agree but really what can we do about it? As long as they add extra features to make it worth it, I guess I am ok with it.

Thank you for being a valued member of Xbox LIVE Gold. We hope you are enjoying the many exciting and exclusive features that are included in your membership. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming price increase for your Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and how you can lock in your current price to continue enjoying everything you’ve come to love about Xbox LIVE, plus all the upcoming additions including ESPN and Hulu Plus.

Over the past seven years, Xbox LIVE has evolved from an online gaming platform to an all-in-one gaming and entertainment service. As an Xbox LIVE Gold member, you can not only play blockbuster games, such as Halo: Reach with your friends online, you can also stream movies from Netflix* and music from Last.fm right to your TV. You can even connect with friends near and far on Facebook® and Twitter™. Plus, you also enjoy exclusive discounts and early access to game demos.

And we aren’t even close to being done. This holiday, Xbox LIVE is adding new Gold features, including ESPN and Video Kinect, with Hulu Plus coming on Xbox LIVE in 2011.

• With ESPN on Xbox LIVE, you can stream and watch over 3,500 live and on-demand sporting events plus highlights.*

• Video Kinect allows you to chat with family and friends on the big screen, right from the comfort of your living room—no headset or controller required.*

• With Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE you will be able to enjoy a customized Hulu Plus experience that will include Kinect navigation and Xbox LIVE Parties*

Besides launching the new features and titles, we will also be increasing the price of Gold membership on November 1, 2010. The new prices are as follows:

  Old Price New Price
1-Month Gold Subscription $7.99 $9.99
3-Month Gold Subscription $19.99 $24.99
12-Month Gold Subscription $49.99 $59.99

And then Microsoft adds this little tidbit:

At only $5 per month, our 12-month offer continues to be your best value. And, because you are a loyal member, we want to give you the opportunity to lock in your current price with an additional discount. Click here or log on to Xbox LIVE from your console to review and take advantage of these limited time offers.