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Ok I understand that is is the new, well not so new, craze as Jaws was in 3d a looong time ago. But anyway, Not all movies need to be in 3D especially Saw 6. I mean really do we need to see that in 3D, and what twisted individual wants to imagine have brain matter sprayed all over them. Not someone I want to be alone with in a dark theater, that’s for sure.
Anyway, the technology seems sound on the surface but then you get to the nuts and bolts of it and it falls short. I’ve seen a few movies that were supposed to be 3D (Avatar The Last Air Bender), and I had to wear uncomfortable glasses just to see two instances of 3D effects. That is not worth the extra 3 to 5 dollars I spent on the ticket.
Now I heard Avatar was amazing in 3D. Are you starting to pick up on the difference here? Yeah animated movies do 3D extremely well where as live action falls short. An animated movie as it is already expensive as hell to make, is easier to add 3D effects to animation where as you have to use animation to bring in 3D effects to Live action, which increases the budget.
So are the movie companies jumping on the bandwagon and just trying to add one or two effects into their movies to drive up their profit? I have been more impressed with the openning cinematic of Owl of Gaahool (spelling?) and the openning short of the dog and the sphere than I have with some of the feature length 3D films I have seen that were Live action. All of the animated movies I have seen I really enjoyed in 3D.
So I haven’t ruled 3D movies as obsolete, since they definitely have their place but I won’t be running out and buying a 3D television so I can sit at home and wear uncomfotable glasses for 2 minutes of 3D effects in a 2 hour movie. And lets face it, some of the people on the news I absolutely don’t want to see in 3D. I will save the extra money and see the regular version of live action movies and save the 3D for where I feel it belongs right now and that is with the animated movies. I have been burnt to many times with Live action movies to continue to pay the extra money for the 3D glasses. Oh which I have about 12 pairs of by now. I would recycle them but I paid for them and I kind of wanted to keep them. Maybe one day I will be able to use them at home without having to spend $200+ on glasses for the television.
Lets talk about the televisions for a minute. I brought it up a little earlier, but why can’t they play 3D movies on regular televisions? It makes no sense. They used to play 3D movies on regular CRT televisions and you just had to wear the paper glasses. But now they say you have to spend an ungodly amount of money for some flash in the pan 3D television and then buy special glasses to watch it? WHY OH WHY! It is radiculous how they try to rob you. Ok I understand getting the glasses to watch the movies, but a whole new television? I am not interested in buying another one, mine works just fine. If not having a 3D television means not watching movies in 3D then I guess I will stand my ground because I am not buying one. Today, or tomorrow. Well maybe when the price comes down a bit. Fine ok maybe I will see what the prices are like next year. Oh like you haven’t checked out the demos in the stores. I am a techie and a geek and this is new tech so it does sort of pull on the tech/geek strings a little. But still the price is holding me back. There are to many other cool practical things I want right now. And since I am already fighting the battle between Blu Ray and standard DVD, I can’t add 3D on top of that when choosing movies. It’s bad enough I look for combo packs so I have them both.
Anyway, HAPPY Halloween! to you all and go see some horror movies this weekend. “My soul to take”, “Saw 6”, “Case 39”, “Paranoraml Activity 2” are either out or coming out soon. So go get your scare on. I know I will.


Last AirBender
I wanted to go see The Last Airbender dispite what the critics and others said about it. I really enjoy the storyline of the animated shows and I have to admit the previews got me. What I expected was a dazzling display of 3d air, water, earth and fire spinning and twirling right in front of my eyes. What I got was complete contempt for 3d movies. I hopped on the bandwagon and got pushed off.
There were no dazzling displays of bending. Nothing jumped off of the screen. In fact, the most interesting thing I’ve seen while watching the 2 3d movies I’ve attended was the 3d ball the dog is playing with BEFORE the movie even starts. Oh and the Owl movie trailer, that is really cool. I MAY go see that in 3d.
I found that the best place to watch a 3d movie is at the top middle row just under the projector. Unfortunately, my son can’t sit back there because the 3d glass do not fit over his prescription glasses so we sat on the third row up from the main aisle. So to him it is clear but to me it was blurry and hard to see when things were moving fast. I really wish they would fix those glasses. I may alter them myself since we kept them instead of recycling them. (Look I paid for them, I have the right to keep them. Back Off!… now keep reading. Thanks.)
So anyway, we are sitting there and the little dog shows up and plays with the ball which dances and spins right in front of our eyes. So we get excited for the movie. A guy a couple of rows back reaches for the ball only to get an elbow in the ribs and a “Dumb Ass” from his friend. We found that funny. It happens every time. The first time I wanted to reach but didn’t want to look like a “Dumb Ass” since it was crowed at How to Train your Dragon (good film by the way. Get the DVD.)
So the movie starts and we are waiting for the first 3d action scene. I take the glasses off to see the difference and truth be told it just looked like watching standard definition tv, then I put them back on and it is in HD again. Am I digressing, yeah I am… back on track. ****Spoiler Ahead****
Last chance…….
Ok so the 2 kids are sitting on the ice and you see this ball of water slowly come up and float in the air (No 3d), and it drops back down on her brother. Umm ok, that was dull. Slightly amusing since he is all wet but do something. Anyway, they try to track some animal and see something under the ice. The brother cracks the ice and a sphere emerges from the ice (not 3d). Mind you I am in a 3d theater with the cheap 3d glass on, just a reminder. So the story progress’ and still no 3d moments. I can name two moments that it truly showed 3d. When they panned over the Fire Nations ships to show the captain and the uncle, and when Aang went to the Air Temple on the flying monster. THAT’s IT!
The bending scenes were interesting but the bending took way to long to execute. All this fancy dancing this way and that just to make a small rock fly….whatever dude! Aang was badass though with his fighting but his bending left something to be desired, actually all the bending did. The huge tidal wave at the end was left flat, I got the premise (Avatars don’t hurt people) but come on. You’re in a war!
Overall it was an ok movie, if you have blu ray and a big screen at home then wait for it to hit dvd. Otherwise, save the extra cash for the over priced concession food and buy the non-3d tickets, you won’t miss anything and you can sit where you want.