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When you visit a persons blog, is it proper manners to leave a comment or is the tick on the hit counter enough? Well I have visited a few blogs and read a few posts and then moved on. At first I didn’t even think about not leaving a comment. But after I started my own blog, I learned how important it is to gather that feedback from other users. Now I am not asking for english lessons on proper grammar, sentence structure etc, but a simple comment acknowledging the topic or even if the post was interesting or not.
Now whenever I visit another users blog I try to leave a comment just to let the author know that a human has read their post and not some web bot. It is that personal connection to the community that I feel links all of us bloggers together. We may not all talk about the same things or agree with each other but we are in this together. So I feel it is important for everyone to leave a comment on a post that you read. I am not trying to collect hits on my site, I am just asking that if you read someones post, that you just leave a comment.
I feel like I am preaching so I am going to wrap it up here. Please leave a comment, even if you feel like the post sucks or you feel like the topic is redundant, then post a link to another post so the author can read it and maybe edit their post to include new information. There will be some that will disagree and that is ok, just tell me why you do.


What is so difficult for these television network websites and streaming video sites to understand? Are we not knee deep in a virtual age? It makes absolutely no sense, what so ever, not to post updated shows/seasons on their websites!
If you play a show on television, then make it available online as well. Simple concept, yes? Good, we all agree that this is a simple process. So why isn’t it happening? I mean it doesn’t require some complicated mathematical equation, does it? I don’t work in that industry but it seems pretty cut and dry to me and millions of others.
So why are networks so slow with pushing their shows to the internet? Of course, how could I forget? Licenses! Really, do they really want to play that game with the fans?
I suppose I am venting my frustration merely because I can’t watch Merlin Season 2 online yet. Or at least that is what tipped the pot over. So if I can’t yell and scream at a physical person, I’ll blog about it.
I signed up for HULU thinking it would provide me with endless lunch hour entertainment. Most shows last 45 minutes so I have plenty of time to watch and the commercials aren’t irritating and are very short. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Well it was until they started posting partial seasons and not keeping up with their end of the bargain. My part was fulfilled; I logged on and watched every business day, which generated them revenue. They were supposed to provide me entertaining shows that I tirelessly searched for and added to my queue. All they had to do was keep them up to date.
So Season 2 of The Colony starts. I missed the first episode on tv. Sidenote: we switched from Comcast to Fios Tv, so the DVR wasn’t set up to record the show as it was on Comcast. Anyway, I go to Hulu the next day…. Nothing, I go to Discovery channel… Nothing. Hmmm. Frustration mounting, luckily it aired a few days later on television, so frustration level back to normal. I figure it is about a week delay. WRONG! Almost 2 weeks go by and nothing until it finally shows up. What the hell Hulu and Discovery! I can understand not posting it until it airs a second time because you want the ratings, understandable. But posting episodes 2 shows or more behind is absurd. Or even posting one season and then acting as if the second season never happened i.e. Merlin.
I am still awaiting SyFy (dumb ass name by the way), to get off their high horses and post Merlin Season 2 on the website or allow Hulu to play it. It is absolutely incomprehensible that they would ignore the fans and not stream these shows online. The season has been over for quite some time and they are ignoring us. POST the new season already!
Why is it so hard for the companies to give us what we ask for? We are the customers. We provide them the revenue to keep their companies afloat. All we want is to enjoy their shows. Throw in a couple ads, surveys etc but let us watch the show over the internet. Do you want us to go away and find a network that streams their shows in a consistent manner? It’s nothing personal, its business. Isn’t that what they would tell us if we could actually talk to someone at Hulu, NBC, CBS etc? Come on people are you with me on this? Aren’t you frustrated with the lack of updated content being streamed on the web?

Matthew Dunn’s custom figure “The Unfortunate Man” created by kidAkira was stolen from an exhibit this week. If anyone has any information on this figure or see this figure on ebay, collector forums or anywhere else, they can contact him on his website or on his twitter. This news came to me from Pituvision‘s Pitufo alert.
Have you seen this figure?