So I played a ton of Dragon Age over the weekend. I get home last night and figured I would finish the quest I was on so I could start the DLC to get the Stone Golem. I finished some college work and my wife was starting dinner, I thought “Hey I will hop on the Xbox and finish this up”. I grab the remote, and my controller and settle in on the recliner. I hit the power button on the remote and BAM!!! Red Rings of Death. Ok so you think I would be surprised? I wasn’t, this has been happening on and off for a few months. Get Red Rings, fiddle with Xbox Red Rings gone.
Ok so I play around with the power supply a bit trying to get the brick to turn green, but it stays a steady orange. Just Freakin’ Great I think to myself.
Ugh! Time to call Microsoft and see how much a new brick will run me.
After about 5 minutes on hold I get someone and rattle off my serial number, address, I get the phone number right on the 3rd try, and my email address.
Me: “Hi, I need a new power supply according to the website.
Them: “How do you know you need a power supply”
Me: ” I did the troubleshooting on your website”
Them: “Oh you already did the troubleshoot?”
Me: “Yeah”
Them: “Ok can I put you on hold to bring up your account”

Mind you I am calm throughout this entire phone call. Yeah I surprised my self too.
Ten minutes later:
Them: “Thanks for holding so long, I have your account up”
Me: “Ok”
Them: “Your Xbox is out of warranty so the power supply will be $35.00”
Me: “Oh ok, Can I buy one from an actual store then?” Simple question, no malice in my voice.
Them: “Can I put you on hold again?”
Me: “Um Sure?!”
5 minutes later.
Them: “Thanks for holding so long, I have good news. Since it is the Red Microsoft has extended the warranty to 3 years so the power supply will be free.”
Me: “That’s great, Thank you” Ok so this is good news, call should be over fairly quick.
Them: “Write down this request number: blah blah blah”
Me: “Ok got it”
Them: “Um something is wrong, it is not allowing me to submit the request. Can I put on on hold for a minute?”
Me: “Sure”
Ok now I am starting to wonder what the problem is. Everything on my end is straight. So I wait, and wait, and wait. Oh and dinner is ready now and everyone is looking at me like when are you going to be off the phone. And I am like, it should only be another minute.
35 minutes later….
Them: “Thanks for holding so long” Where have I heard that before, hmmm about a half hour ago.
Me staying calm: “No problem”
Them: “I am having system problems and need to transfer you”
Me thinking hmm system problems at Microsoft….classic LOL!: “Ok”
Them: “one moment”
Twenty minutes later an new voice.
Them: “Hello, you need a new power supply?”
Me: “Yes”
Them: “No problem, write this request number down”. Same number I had written before.
Me: “Ok got it”
Them: “Ok now let me process your request”
Me: “Ok thanks”
Them: “So what is your favorite game to play on Xbox?”
Me: “What!? Um I like to play them all.”
Them: “Oh you mostly play First Person Shooters?”
Me: “Um? Yeah I do”. Ok this dude is creeping me out. But then I realize, he probably sees my whole gamer profile and I feel silly.
Them: “Ok it went through so if you like you can send back the old power supply so blah blah blah.” Yeah you want it back I know. I am hungry lets get this over with already.
Me: “Ok I will send it back.” Stomach is growling now.
Them: “Ok Can I put you on hold?”
Me, my anger increasing: “Yeah”
Ten minutes later they come back and say Thanks and if I don’t have any questions it will be 5 to 10 business days till the power supply arrives. I finally get to hang up.
Then it hits me!!
Halo Reach is out in 6 days!!!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Not this again. It might get here the day Halo Reach releases. I have my fingers crossed. Please cross your fingers for me.