Well I played some games I had sitting around yesterday. I played Borderlands for a bit. I finally made it to level 15. I tend to switch between games very often which usually causes me to take a while to finish them. The games in rotation currently are Mass Effect 2, BorderLands and Assassins Creed. The latter being I need to finish it before I can start Assassins Creed 2. All of these games are very enjoyable and the stories are very compelling. I sent a twitter message to RockStar Games hoping they send me a copy of Red Dead Redemption so that I can review it and well essentially play it. As the case with everyone, the cash is pretty tight and usually tied up in other ventures like… bills. Now I would forgo paying them but I have a feeling my wife would have a few choice words for me if the phone got cut off but I had a shiny new game. But anyway, maybe they will send me a copy but chances are with the thousands of requests they get, my chances are slim to none. I have heard great things about Red Dead and I like westerns so eventually I will get this game (one way or another) and I am sure I will enjoy it.

I am trying to work on my achievements since I haven’t broken the 10k mark yet. not really sure why this matters to me but it is a challenge and I love to tackle a challenge. I will probably squeeze in some more gaming this weekend as it is supposed to rain off and on. I just got FIOS installed so I am looking forward to see how the online multiplayer is when playing Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3.

I am also getting ready for Comic Con next week in Philly. So like I said check back and I will try to have some pics or video up from my trip there.