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 This is complete BullShit!  The game companies are making a boat load of cash off of initial sales. If a game is sold used, it WAS once sold new.  This is how every industry works. Honda does not get a cut from used Honda sales at a Ford dealership.  Dreamworks does not get a cut when blockbuster sells the movie used. If game companies want a piece of the used game sales then they need to open up their own stores that will buy and sell their used games. They are trying to double dip. When you sell a game you are selling all the rights to that game back to gamestop. Which means that the rights get passed on to the next purchaser and so on. EA is basically saying that instead of getting an online pass for all their sports titles you have to pay an extra $10 for each title. they have the right to do this but charging extra for online is absolutely wrong. We pay for internet, Xbox Live service and now we have to purchase rights to EA’s servers? I think not. I can see Microsoft and Sony both pushing back on this as it will affect their numbers. If you can’t play Madden etc online then what is the point in getting Live or the soon to be Premium PSN Network? If EA puts Gamestop out of business then they will also affect their own sales numbers. They shouldn’t mess with what is not broken.
If EA wants people to stop buying used games then they should shut down the servers to the old games, forcing users to play on the new game servers. I am all for giving freebies when buying new but don’t charge a price for online play access when we are already paying for it through Microsoft/Sony (eventually).
If everyone starts charging for online play then we the players will find other means to play together online for free and will forgo paying for Xbox live and PSN. Individuals will create their own servers and host peer to peer matches through system link. Or hack the consoles to bypass xbox live and PSN. the closer the consoles get to being PC’s the easier it is to play without paying. Remember it hasn’t been that long since we were all playing Halo together without xbox live multiplayer. The game industry needs to remember that as well.