We just got about 22 inches of snow in the northeast on Saturday. I did a bunch of shoveling and my back hurt for most of Sunday and actually still does a little today. Another storm is due in tonight and I will be getting off of work right about the time it starts. Just great since I need tires. So hopefully my trip home will be uneventful. Everyone is making plans to either come in to work late or not at all tomorrow. So I am following suit and planning my day at home.
I am not sure where we will put all the snow when it gets here. We are out of room in front of my house and the backyard is filled up. So my neighborhood will look like we are engaging in trench warfare once the snow is piled up.
I blame the groundhog! Everything was fine until he saw his damn shadow. “Six more weeks of winter” he proclaims from is little hole. Maybe someone should buy the little guy a calendar since the official start of Spring is always exactly 6 weeks from Groundhogs Day. Actually we had a very mild winter up until now. I truly despise winter, so I don’t know why I don’t move someplace warm. Oh yeah my job, family and those other things that keep you rooted someplace you don’t really like.
Well anyway enough about the weather. I have college work to finish this week. I have 2 philosophy quizzes and an essay to write this week. What else is going on……
Oh yeah we are buying a new tv this weekend, 50″ plasma, I can’t wait! We are getting a new stand for it and maybe surround sound. Also I am getting a new xbox since mine is working but it’s time to upgrade to the elite especially since Bioshock 2 is out now. I am also taking my wife to get a new anniversary band since hers got lost. I lost it when we were cleaning the house. She took her rings off and put them someplace that should have been safe to do something and I came around and swipe there they went. She had 3 rings that made up her set and we were able to locate 2 of them. The third we believe is in a landfill now but we aren’t certain. It will probably show up after we buy the new one. I don’t mind though I like how she lights up when she gets new jewelry.
I also picked up some theater tickets for a play next Friday so that will be fun. We really got into stage plays since we went to one in Mechanicsburg and we really enjoyed it. We are trying to break out of our box and try new things like theater, opera, orchestras… just trying to open ourselves up to new things. Our next endeavor will be traveling. I picked up passport applications at the postoffice last night. Once we give them 2 arms and a leg then we can start our adventures.
Well that is enough for today. I will post an update after the blizzard passes and I get dug out. Maybe I will post some pictures.