There has been an ongoing debate about whether video games are art. My opinion is that they are created by some of the most talented artist from around the world. With that said, the artist aren’t the only ones working on it. The images within the game are definitely without a shred of doubt art. Is the programming code? hmmm… interesting question. Can a line of code invoke a feeling? Absolutely. A line of code is like writing in a foreign language that only a select few can decipher. Yeah it looks like english and heck even reads like english sometimes (depends on the code).

So yeah video games are definitely art. Colaborative art. A group of extremely talented artist’s that gather together for a common purpose and that is to create a masterpiece. Each one responsible for their part in the overall piece. Well again this is Chimera 1 with my view on our virtual worlds!

Check out this site I found with some excellent art from popular video games. click here for game art