I had an interesting talk with an older couple yesterday. We talked about how kids today are different from when we were growing up. Just a little back story before I begin. I am 32, my wife is 30 and the older couple are in their 60’s. So with that being said here is what we talked about. We talked about how kids don’t play like they used to. The older couple said they were out picking cherries off of a cherry tree in their neighborhood and some little leaguers walk by and asked what they were doing. The couple said picking cherries and ther kids said they didn’t even know they were there. The older couple said well there are raspberries over there and the kids asked what they looked like. The older couple was in shock. In their day they used to race to the trees to be the first one to get the berries. But now anymore. Kids don’t venture out in their neighborhoods anymore. Kids now play outside in hour intervals. It is summertime but you don’t see kids outside playing. Why? 1. pollen count is to high, 2. It’s too hot, 3. parents are at work, 4. there was a suspicious person seen in the area. Any of these and more are the reason kids are not outside playing.

It’s these small thing that make you wonder what “life” skills today’s children have.

When I was growing up I was climbing trees, playing after dark and had the run of the neighborhood. I knew where everything was and the fastest path to it. I explored where I lived and even explored the woods at my grandparents house in the summer. But now kids don’t have that opportunity.

I blame it on society. We are ruining our children and not intentionally. We are trying to keep them safe. The danger out there is to great to let your children roam the neighborhoods or build a fort in the woods. It is really sad.

Our children suffer because the psychos out there are multiplying rapidly, more kids have allergies, or we keep our kids to busy with other things. We start teaching kids their ABC’s sometimes before they can walk in order to give them a boost when they start school. But what are we taking away from them in the meantime. We are holding them back as much as we are helping them. They don’t tinker with things to see how they work, they go to youtube and see how it works.

 Paranoia and over protectiveness are also preventing our kids from gathering survival skills. It is to the point that children almost need armed escorts when they are outside playing. Most kids have cellphones attatched to them with gps locators in them so we can track every movement they make. Gone are the days of be home when the streetlights come on, or parents driving around the neighborhood looking to see where their kid ran off to play. Now if you haven’t seen or heard from your kid in an hour you are calling their cell phone, getting in the car looking for your child in a panic, calling everyone they may know and calling the police.

I wonder what the statistics are for 911 calls for kids who just lost track of time. But everyone know that the first 24 hours are crucial for a missing child case. So no one can really blame parents today for sheltering their kids. It is a savage world where no one trust’s anyone anymore.