Gas prices are going back up. We have another country pissed at us. People are going crazy in the streets. I don’t want to know what’s next.

Gas prices are the reason we are in the financial situation we’re in. When will they learn? The gas prices went up, people stopped driving, then business’ suffered and people began losing  jobs, then people lost their homes. Please excuse my rant but this endless loop gets frustrating.

How many times must we bang our heads into the same wall to realise…. Hey we’re stupid, maybe this doesn’t work. I love my country but I equate it to a relative who continues to make the wrong choices and you just stand back and look and say… They’re so stupid but I still love the idiot.

But until we elect people who are concerned about us and not their own agenda’s we will continue to bang our head into that same wall.

 Anyway, it’s summertime and all I can do is take care me and mine and make sure we come out on top. I am sure the rest of the country will be alright.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the security guard’s family from the holocaust museum in DC.