As the weather gets warmer, I see more yard sales springing up. What i see at these yard sales/ garage sales are PC’s/Mac’s. Is it wise to sell your personal computing system at a yard sale? Price aside… what about your personal information? Most people are not IT experts and don’t know how to professionally delete information from the hard drive permanently. The risks are extraordinary if the wrong person gets a hold of your old equipment. I would suggest if someone wants to sell their PC/Mac that they take it somewhere like a computer shop and have it erased or trade it in at a PC shop. Information you have stored on your drive whether deleted or not can be retrieved with the right tools. People need to be aware of this before they slap the sticker on their old equipment and sell it to the highest bidder.

With that being said. Is it wise to purchase a computer at a yard sale? You don’t know what is on it e.g. porn, virus’, illegal media etc. A person needs to be aware of what they are buying before they purchase a computer for the low, that they want to give to their child. This is a dangerous world people and we have to be vigilant.

I think I am going to test my theory and purchase one of these computers and see what I see. It may take me a few weeks but I will let you know what I find. Luckily for me I am an IT professional so I will be very careful. I will post what I find on the PC I buy here.  Stay tuned and wish me luck.