Ok. I have been here for about a week now and not one follower yet. I guess I can’t truly complain since my blog hasn’t been that interesting. I am working on that, I promise you. Not really sure who I am making that promise to since I have no followers. So what do you want to hear about. I am up to discussing anything. How about the fact that the Giant Food store by my house always stops selling the stuff that is always sold out. Let’s see: Season All, Carolina style BBQ chips, and the list goes on. If you sell out, why would you stop selling it and not get rid of the stuff no one buys and buy more of the stuff that is selling? I don’t know, seems like my reasoning makes sense but I am not a grocery store exec.  Or how about the Alaskan volcano that erupted 5 times in a day, and erupted about 20 years ago. LOL it’s name is Mt Redoubt?! Re-doubt? I just think that is a funny name. I know let’s discuss the Madoff scandal… Why would you give your money to someone who’s name is pronounced “Made off” what did you expect him to do with your money? I mean I feel bad for the people who lost life savings, don’t get me wrong, but I think a persons name can sometimes describe their character. A Greek fisherman found a 2200 year old bronze statue in the Aegean Sea. Does he get to make the decision on whether he sells it or keeps it? How does that work? Does he get a finders fee or a thank you and a brush off?

Ok this is getting to be a pretty long rant. I am looking for followers and just want to show the depth of topics I would like to cover. There are plenty more topics i am interested in. So post comments here and let me know your opinions of these topics or others that you might want me to talk about. I am just an average guy looking at the world.