Just visited the Bioshock 2 website www.somethinginthesea.com and I have to say I am impressed. I loved the first game (only went through once saving all the Lil sisters though). Some of the new features they are bringing into the sequel will push the game even farther than the original. They went out on a limb not putting multiplayer in the first game but the story and the game-play made that gamble pay off. Hopefully the sequels story and game-play will live up to it’s predecessor. So far Bioshock 2 will feature some form of multiplayer, and allow you to play as a Big Daddy at some point. There is a new villain yet to be named and a new lil Sister protector unofficially named “Big Sister” as seen on Game Informers cover. She is sleeker and from the articles on the website, much faster and agile. So she will be a force to reckon with. hopefully Rapture will have changed with some areas staying the same for nostalgia purposes. No one wants to roam around all the exact same areas as the first game but I am sure  2k and take-two have something up their sleeve for us in Rapture. I plan on returning to Rapture on launch day, and that can’t come fast enough. I don’t believe the release date has been announced yet but I will let you know when it does.